Special requests are our standard

There are many compa­nies that build eleva­tors. Maybe it’s better to say they assemble eleva­tors from stan­dard parts accor­ding to stan­dard dimen­sions. We, on the other hand, specia­lize in imple­men­ting our custo­mers’ wishes, no matter how unusual the design, how sophisti­cated the tech­no­logy or how compli­cated the dimensions.

 You could also say: We can do it all — from the smal­lest passenger elevator with a load capa­city of 150 kilo­grams and a floor area of 0.52 square meters, to noble pano­r­amic glass eleva­tors or car eleva­tors in which the vehicle is rotated during travel, to the largest under­floor freight elevator with a load capa­city of 15,000 kilo­grams and a floor area of 38 square meters.

Maximum flexi­bi­lity due to own production

We have always relied on our own produc­tion so that we are not depen­dent on what the supplier market offers us. In this way, we remain as flexible as possible when plan­ning an elevator and know that all compon­ents meet our high quality stan­dards. In any case, we have always been pioneers in the deve­lo­p­ment and cons­truc­tion of elevator controls and have always set inno­va­tive impulses.

Our unusually large vertical range of manu­fac­ture covers almost all rele­vant parts from which a special plant is made: In our sheet metal proces­sing depart­ment, we manu­fac­ture cabins, frames, portals and control panels, and in our classic steel cons­truc­tion depart­ment, we manu­fac­ture shaft equip­ment and support frames through to complete glass shaft frames. We have a large machine park at our disposal for this purpose.

Our expe­ri­ence saves our custo­mers a lot of time 

Our elec­tro­nics specia­lists produce control­lers and frequency controls as well as various addi­tional compon­ents. We are parti­cu­larly proud of our hard­ware and soft­ware — almost exclu­si­vely our own deve­lo­p­ments. With the control programs from Thoma Aufzüge, even large elevator groups can be operated in a versa­tile and effec­tive manner.

It is our expe­ri­ence that a good and often also inex­pen­sive solu­tion can be found for almost any tech­nical chall­enge. And because we have always succeeded in doing so, the teams in our plan­ning and design depart­ment have a large reper­toire of samples and examples of special plants of every design. This enables us to show our custo­mers what is possible right from the quota­tion phase. Even experts are always surprised by this. And, of course, it also saves a lot of time in any cons­truc­tion project if you start with the advan­tage of great experience.

Sustaina­bi­lity is an element of our corpo­rate culture

In all of this, the quality of our equip­ment is para­mount. And that doesn’t just mean an attrac­tive design and high-quality mate­rials. A good elevator also convinces with relia­bi­lity, ride comfort and speed and thus shorter waiting times, but also with little things like the func­tion of swit­ches and panels. That’s why we focus on high-quality compon­ents and well thought-out designs. After all, we don’t just want to build parti­cu­larly attrac­tive eleva­tors, but also ones that are durable and have a low failure rate. For us, sustaina­bi­lity is not just an empty phrase but has long been an important element of our corpo­rate culture.