We show what is possible

The individual consultation of our customers is a central service for us. After all, we want to fulfil all wishes and specific requirements in the best possible way. In addition, we are happy to show what is possible and can often even be realized with a manageable budget.

Due to our great vertical range of manu­fac­ture — we produce more than 70 percent of all compon­ents at our Frank­furt site — we are not depen­dent on the speci­fi­ca­tions of suppliers. Many manu­fac­tu­rers, on the other hand, fall back on a limited stan­dard selec­tion and have to weigh up quality and price at the purcha­sing stage. Around 80 percent of all newly built eleva­tors are ther­e­fore stan­dard systems.

Thoma Aufzüge makes no compro­mises here. The use of high-quality compon­ents from our own produc­tion as well as from leading German manu­fac­tu­rers is a matter of course for us.

We always find a suitable solution

Our sales staff are expe­ri­enced tech­ni­cians and know what they are talking about. Mate­rial, dimen­sions, design, controls and tech­nical equipment -. 

we can fulfil almost any wish and show in detail what is possible.

That’s why a detailed consul­ta­tion is parti­cu­larly important to us. Here we can find out what the requi­re­ments and back­ground are and draw up a needs analysis, followed by suitable recommendations.

We are also happy to discuss the moder­niza­tion and retro­fit­ting of exis­ting systems, as we have a lot to offer in this area as well — even when it comes to eleva­tors from other manu­fac­tu­rers. Because we almost always find a convin­cing solution.

More than 30.000 items are listed in our system

We have around 4,000 articles in stock in our warehouse, and in our ERP system we now manage more than 30,000 articles, inclu­ding compon­ents from our suppliers and article vari­ants. In addi­tion, we have a number of special articles for old plants from various manufacturers.

We have decades of expe­ri­ence in the plan­ning of special plants and can draw on a large number of examples in our digital archive.

The deve­lo­p­ment of control systems is one of our core compe­tences, which is why custo­mers are also well advised here with indi­vi­dual solu­tions and special control systems.

After all, we not only manu­fac­ture all elec­tronic compon­ents — we also create and main­tain the soft­ware ourselves. With our in-house solu­tions, we can imple­ment almost any special control system — inclu­ding inter­faces to other trades and other control systems.

We value close cooperation

For us, consul­ting begins in the quota­tion phase. After the order has been placed and ever­y­thing important has been agreed, we initi­ally hand over three to five drawings to our custo­mers, inclu­ding a plant drawing with shell details and tech­nical speci­fi­ca­tions, a car drawing with dimen­sions and views, and a portal drawing with the enclo­sure frame and the external opera­ting devices. Only when our custo­mers approve these plans do we start further internal plan­ning and subse­quently produc­tion. In this way, we want to work as closely and trans­par­ently as possible with our custo­mers right from the start and, in parti­cular, ensure that our custo­mers get exactly what they want.

Furthermore Thoma Aufzüge offers a wide range of consulting services: 

  • We prepare feasi­bi­lity studies for exis­ting elevator systems, for example if you are plan­ning moder­niza­tion or retrofitting.
  • We check on site which moder­niza­tion is tech­ni­cally possible and makes economic sense.
  • We retrofit eleva­tors to ensure compli­ance with the latest tech­nical stan­dards and regulations.
  • We carry out risk assess­ments (GBU) and draw up concepts for adap­ting the opera­tion of the elevator system to current tech­nical standards.
  • With elevator capa­city calcu­la­tions, we can precisely deter­mine how many eleva­tors are required at a given location.
  • With the help of ride comfort measu­re­ments, we can very precisely check the quality of a system.
  • In our company buil­ding, various instal­la­tions are available for inspec­tion, as well as nume­rous samples to present and coor­di­nate design details.
  • And in general we support our custo­mers with all our compe­tence in solving problems. Because that is actually what we enjoy the most.

By the way — what exactly means quality?

In elevator cons­truc­tion, quality is usually equated with customer satis­fac­tion and is mainly described by the follo­wing perfor­mance characteristics:

  • reliable, low-inter­fe­rence operation
  • high driving comfort, stop­ping flush with the floor
  • tech­ni­cally and orga­niza­tio­nally high-quality order processing
  • relia­bi­lity and adhe­rence to schedules
  • low failure rate
  • low down­time (over 99% availability)
  • low follow-up costs
  • fast, effec­tive service in case of malfunctions
  • emer­gency vehicles equipped with common spare parts to avoid multiple trips to the site
  • large spare parts warehouse at head­quar­ters to avoid long downtimes