We are your elevator tuner

It does not always have to be a new elevator if the value of an exis­ting system can be increased by repla­cing just a few compon­ents. Often, “old systems” are also charac­te­rized by a higher use of mate­rials and thus a more solid subs­tance. This is because in the past, people usually did not “save on mate­rials”, as is common today for cost reasons and is usually presented as a tech­nical stan­dard. For this reason, a complete repla­ce­ment often does not make sense at all.

Less opera­ting costs — more safety

It can also reduce the opera­ting costs of an older elevator and increase safety during opera­tion. We have various options for this. How you can achieve these goals is best discussed with our compe­tent consul­tants. In the process, you will learn that there are many sensible moder­niza­tion measures that can bring your elevator up to the current tech­nical standard.

Since we develop and manu­fac­ture a large number of compon­ents ourselves, we are also very flexible when it comes to moder­niza­tion and can usually show our custo­mers a range of possible alter­na­tives — whether it’s an upgrade of indi­vi­dual assem­blies or the more compre­hen­sive renewal of a plant.

More driving comfort, greater conveying capa­city and reliable operation

This way, you know what is possible and can decide, for example, to install a modern control system with a wide range of new control options or choose a more compre­hen­sive moder­niza­tion package. Increased ride comfort, safety, conveying perfor­mance and protec­tion against break­downs can usually be achieved rela­tively easily.

After in-depth consul­ta­tion, we tailor every solu­tion down to the last detail to the exis­ting elevator system, the tech­nical requi­re­ments and the invest­ment budget of our custo­mers. And as expe­ri­enced elevator buil­ders, we also ensure that all work is carried out quickly and smoothly — without any major disrup­tion to your ongoing operations.