This is what you
should know about us:

  • We are specia­lized in special equipment.
  • We use high-quality compon­ents from our own production.
  • We are inde­pen­dent from dimen­sions and speci­fi­ca­tions of suppliers.
  • We produce elec­tro­nics and soft­ware ourselves.
  • We offer detailed consul­ting and needs analysis.
  • Our sales staff are expe­ri­enced technicians.
  • We rely on close, trans­pa­rent coope­ra­tion — right from the start.
  • We reduce energy and opera­ting costs. 
  • We promote sustaina­bi­lity through high quality and durable technology.

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Special Systems

Special requests are our stan­dard There are many compa­nies that build eleva­tors. Maybe it’s better to say they assemble eleva­tors from stan­dard parts accor­ding to stan­dard dimen­sions. We, on the… 
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The Thoma Lifter

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Our inno­va­tive Thoma Lifter, protected by nume­rous patents, is parti­cu­larly suitable for retro­fit­ting private resi­den­tial buil­dings. The plat­form lift without cabin, which forms a unit with a glazed light metal shaft frame, is supplied as a whole and can be mounted on both exte­rior and inte­rior facades. Its solid drive system consis­ting of an elec­tric motor and high-quality toothed belts runs in an energy-saving and low-main­ten­ance manner and guaran­tees a long service life. In addi­tion, this drive system ensures that, unlike hydraulic eleva­tors, the Thoma Lifter is not suscep­tible to malfunc­tions even in extreme outdoor tempe­ra­tures. Another advan­tage is the small space requi­re­ment of the compact design, in which 76 percent of the total floor space is allotted to the plat­form, which can be accessed from all four sides if required. Finally, the simple plan­ning and short assembly times make the Thoma Lifter an uncom­pli­cated and fast solu­tion for many areas with many indi­vi­dual design variants.


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