We supply the best ingredients — from the component to the complete plant 

One of our greatest strengths is that we not only can do a great deal, but also manufacture a great deal ourselves.

This is because, espe­ci­ally when it comes to the crucial compon­ents of our eleva­tors, we want to define what quality means and not make ourselves depen­dent on suppliers. This applies in parti­cular to the deve­lo­p­ment and cons­truc­tion of our own control systems, to which the origins of our company go back.

Even though we prefer to do ever­y­thing ourselves, we also buy some main compon­ents from reliable manu­fac­tu­rers, as produ­cing all compon­ents ourselves would be uneco­no­mical. This is espe­ci­ally true for guide rails, suspen­sion cables, drives, safety gears or doors.

Instead, our produc­tion focuses on the elements that are parti­cu­larly important to our custo­mers: beau­tiful, high-quality cabs, steel cons­truc­tion compon­ents that allow almost any special dimen­sions, and high-quality control and regu­la­tion technology.

Anyone who rides an elevator comes into contact with cabs and car panels, exte­rior panels, but also peri­meter frames on the landing doors.

For many archi­tects and clients, it is ther­e­fore important to help design these visible elements. They want to select mate­rials, surfaces and colours. Apart from the facade and the entrance area, elevator cabs are quite essen­tial compon­ents for the design and presen­ta­tion of a building.

They are ther­e­fore also a “busi­ness card” for the compa­nies that use it. Thanks to our own in-house produc­tion faci­li­ties for sheet metal and steel proces­sing, we are able to imple­ment indi­vi­dual design wishes in a tailor-made manner.

Essen­tial compon­ents also include shaft equip­ment, catch frames and coun­ter­weights, which we manu­fac­ture flexibly to our custo­mers’ dimen­sional speci­fi­ca­tions — from “mini” single-person eleva­tors to glass eleva­tors with self-supporting steel shaft frames and freight eleva­tors with a load capa­city of twelve tons.

Our own steel produc­tion also enables us to manu­fac­ture high-quality glass scaf­fol­ding for glass eleva­tors, shaft scaf­fol­ding for indoor and outdoor use, under­floor eleva­tors and other special designs.

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