Fabrik NummerFactory Number #3345-46
AuftraggeberClient EFC Management GmbH & Co. KG
BauherrBuilder EFC Management GmbH & Co. KG
FachingenieurSpecialist IGS Ingenieur Gemeinschaft Seidel GbR
ArchitektenArchitects Baumann architects
BaujahrYear of Construction 2009
Anzahl der AnlagenNumber of installations 2
TragkraftLoad capacities 800 kg und 2.000 kg
HaltestellenStops 8 and 10
GeschwindigkeitSpeeds 1,6 m/s and 1,0 m/s
AntriebsartDrive types gearless traction elevators
NutzungsartType of use glass elevator
GebäudeartType of building Gewerbe
AuftragsartType of order Neuanlage
BesonderheitenSpecial features Glass elevator with steel frame and planar glazing / glass doors with glass portals / semicircular glass cabin / "free-running" in the atrium / shallow shaft pit, pit only 900 mm / freight elevator is fire fighters elevator

In the econo­mic­ally strong metro­po­litan region of Baden-Würt­tem­berg, the Euro Fashion Center is a center for the fashion trade that provides exclu­sive show­rooms for fashion agen­cies. Compa­nies in the industry have been presen­ting their coll­ec­tions here since 1992.

The fashion and order center thus serves as a B2B market­place in the centrally located Stutt­gart metro­po­litan area, which, with a gross dome­stic product of more than 100 billion euros annu­ally, is one of the most effi­cient economic and tech­no­logy loca­tions in Europe. 

Accor­dingly high demands were placed on Thoma Aufzüge when the contract was awarded. The entrance hall of the EFC also serves as a show­room, and the free-running glass elevator in the atrium was ther­e­fore planned and executed as an “eye-catcher”. 

Aesthe­tics and mate­rial quality were of parti­cular importance: curved glass panes, glass doors and glass portals were used for the semicir­cular cabin.

A tech­nical chall­enge here was also a shaft pit that was too shallow at 900 mm accor­ding to the stan­dard, which neces­si­tated the instal­la­tion of addi­tional safety equipment. 

The freight elevator is used in the normal opera­tion of the Fashion Center for both passenger trans­por­ta­tion and the deli­very of goods, as it has a through-loading faci­lity and a much larger cabin. Due to requi­re­ments imposed by the buil­ding autho­rity, this instal­la­tion was desi­gned as a fire­figh­ters’ elevator.