Fabrik NummerFactory Number #3084
AuftraggeberClient Staatsbad Bad Wildungen
BauherrBuilder Staatsbad Bad Wildungen
FachingenieurSpecialist ohne
ArchitektenArchitects Architekturbüro Gehring & Partner
BaujahrYear of Construction 2006
Anzahl der AnlagenNumber of installations 1
TragkraftLoad capacities 800 kg
HaltestellenStops 3
GeschwindigkeitSpeeds 0,5 m/s
AntriebsartDrive types direkt Hydraulisch (Zentralstempel)
NutzungsartType of use Glasaufzug
GebäudeartType of building Öffentliche Gebäude
AuftragsartType of order Neuanlage
BesonderheitenSpecial features runder Glasaufzug, selbsttragendes Stahl- Glasgerüst, runde Glastüren

As part of the rede­sign of the Wandel­halle in Bad Wildungen, the central spa complex of the tradi­tion-rich spa in nort­hern Hesse, the upper floors of the buil­ding were to be made acces­sible to the disabled. Accor­ding to the plans of the archi­tec­tural firm Gehring & Partner, they were to be reached via a repre­sen­ta­tive glass elevator in the foyer of the hall. The client for the conver­sion was the Bad Wildungen state spa. We were awarded the contract for a round elevator with a self-supporting, round steel and glass frame­work and inte­grated, round sliding doors. 

A major chall­enge of the project was that the indi­vi­dual compon­ents for this design could hardly be ordered from suppliers, which is why Thoma Aufzüge manu­fac­tured both the shaft frame and the cabin comple­tely in-house. We had to have several steel parts rounded off by special companies.

The car and shaft glazing of the system is also tech­ni­cally extre­mely deman­ding. New stan­dards have come into force for the shape of the panes, for which no empi­rical values were available at the time. We ther­e­fore had to have the safety of the glass panes checked by pendulum impact tests. These are stan­dar­dized tests in which the impact of people on a pane of glass is simu­lated and thus the brea­king strength is tested, for example in glass para­pets or in shaft scaf­fol­ding or elevator cabs.

Bad Wildung’s spa park is the largest in Europe, and the town is the second largest spa in Germany with a history dating back more than 600 years. Bad Wildun­gen’s most important healing waters are offered in the spring dome of the Wandel­halle. The stone round pillar, which still charac­te­rizes the entrance situa­tion of the Wandel­halle and the fore­court, was built in 1929. Origi­nally, the hall was an open, cast-iron pavi­lion. In 1960, an event hall with glass walk­ways was added to the building.